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The Online Newsletter – "Here and Now"

Issue 1 Vol. 1

This is an idea for an online newsletter that will keep you up-to-date with all of the changes and details of the Brian Boone Show. I hope that you enjoy this, and all the coming issues. This will be a place where I can "vent" about things happing in the world, and around us everyday. So, without further ado …


The Latest Changes – Where to Now?

As most of you now know, BJ Collins has moved on to bigger and more important things. He has had a calling from a bigger power than any of us, and has decided to pursue it full force. We will miss him and we wish him all the luck in the world. BJ cam be found online at I encourage everyone to check this site out. It is well worth your time to stop by.

David Gamble has been sitting in on some shows lately. It’s good to have him back aboard on some of these duo shows. David and I have been friends for what seems like forever, and he is the greatest songwriting partner that a man could have. Keep checking the Schedule Page for when David will be joining me. Come out to see us. You won’t be disappointed!

I have also been doing a few solo performances. That has been a lot of fun! I haven’t really had the chance to do that and cut loose over the past few years. I will continue to do solo shows throughout this year. Keep your eyes open for me to be coming through your town soon.

The Stardust – It’s Been Fun

For all of you that have been coming out to the Stardust Lounge every other Thursday, I regret to inform you that I will no longer be there. I finished up on April 18th with special guest David Gamble. We had a blast playing for you and we hope that you had fun too. You all l made the shows there at the Stardust very special to me. I would like to thank all of my special guests: BJ Collins, Jason Lee, Jimi Banks, and David Gamble for making the shows go so smoothly. To everyone in Moon Township, thank you for being there and having fun with us over the past few months. We couldn’t have done it without you. I hope to see you again soon!

Brian Boone Show – Revamped

The shows are going to be a bit different from now on. There are going to be some new tunes added and some old tunes subtracted. I will be playing more Originals and Country, plus some of the Classic Rock favorites. So be sure to catch a show soon. You will enjoy the changes. I promise!


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