The Real Story

David Gamble was born a New Years Eve baby at Mercy Hospital in the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The happy bouncing boy that arrived that year has become one of Pittsburgh’s finest and strongest vocalists. Here is the background:

David has had many experiences throughout his career. One of such experiences was attending Roger’s Creative and Performing Arts High School, in Pittsburgh, where he studied theater, music theory and creative writing. At this time, he formed his first band, “Major Havoc”. Upon graduating CAPA he went on to be a road tech for a local band in the 1980’s known as “The Band of Angels”. The Band of Angels taught David how to be a professional entertainer as they did tours with acts such as BTO (Bauchman Turner Overdrive). David then moved on to bigger and better positions with bigger acts such as Bon Jovi.

The few months that David was with Bon Jovi on the “Slippery When Wet” tour he learned exactly what it takes to be a true professional musician from them. When he returned home, he started his own band called “Crossfire”. While with this band he performed many venues and functions that geared him for what was to come ahead.

In the late 1980’s, David met a local musician named Brian Boone. The two became instant friends and started to hit the local karaoke scenes together. Their voices meshed so well together, and they were able to entertain everyone, so they then decided to start working the acoustic scene together. And, it was at this time, that they started writing their own material as well.

By the mid 1990’s, the two of them were going strong among the Pittsburgh, and surrounding area circuits. They were known as “Blaze and Snake” back then, stage names that were given to them throughout the karaoke scene. Continuing to smash through the barriers that were presented to them, they kept on going strong throughout the rest of the decade.

Now, David is still performing at his best with Brian Boone. The two are still going strong and show no signs of giving up. They have new original material for the year 2006, and will be coming to your town in the very near future. Watch for them . . .

© Copyright 2006 – Brian Boone