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July 27, 2006:

Brian is currently in the studio starting pre-production on his new CD. This CD, although will be prodomenately acoustic, as was "Live the Dream", will be a different direction for Brian. Still the good 'ol Rock-n-Roll that you would expect from him, it will be more directionally oriented. There is no set date for release as of yet, but we will be sure to let you know when that date becomes available.

When asked about the content of the CD, Brian had this to say: "This new venture is going to be a bit different for me being that I am heading into it alone. It is going to reflect the past year or two of my life, which I hope touches everyone the same way that 'Live the Dream' did reflecting the past 20. This Cd project will hopefully be a much better production, also, being that I will have more say so on the final mix down. I love producing, it's just harder to produce your own material, being you are so close to it, so we are going to take more time to get this project finished that I did on the last one."

Look for Updates along the way as to what is going on in the studio and on the road with
Brian "The Pittsburgh Rocker" Boone. We will try to keep things as current as possible. We know you want to know what's up with Brian, and we intend to keep you informed right here. Keep Checking Back Often!

Brian will be hitting the road again in the beginning of October. He will be going South to Talladaga, Alabama to play for the NASCAR fans again for three days. This has been being anticipated for many months and Brian is extremely excited about being in Talladaga again. "I have wanted to be there again since the day I left the last time", says Brian, "it was the time of my life and all the folks down there in the South were so nice to me ... I couldn't believe it! No matter what we performed, where we stopped to eat, or where we fueled up .. everyone was so nice that we really didn't want to leave them." Look for Brian in your campground race fans .. he'll be jammin' your favorite tunes and some of his own, too. Maybe even a new one or two ...

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Tuesday June 27, 2006:

It's been a long week, last week .. we did 5 shows in a row and it we pulled it off .. here's how it all went down:

As usual, we started at Hammer Head's in Finleyville like we do every Wednesday. And, as usual, the show went great! There were fans out to see us (Rawni, Lori, Flo, Tina, Jade ... just to name a few). And, the food, as usual, was melting in our mouths! The Miller Sparks were going down "smooth" in the hot weather and we had a BLAST there as always.

Thursday we played at Ann's in Bethel Park. We had alot of folks out to see us there, too. One of which is Kate, who was there seeing us instead of seeing her boyfriend's band (I won't say who, but they are one of Pittsburgh's best). She bought a CD and was really diggin' the tunes .. as were everyone else.We filled the house and had a good time there too. We always enjoy Ann's .. it's close to home and fans come out .. we feed off that!

Friday night we were in Freeport at The Rainbow. This is always a fun gig for us. It's a small up close and persoanal setting and we get t interact alot with the audience. We packed the house, and had a few birthdays there as well. We had a ball there as always and are really looking forward to being there again in July and August.

Now this one was my personal favorite! I have been playing this for 7 years running. We did Kelly's Korner's 7th Anniversary Block Party in Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh). All the wonderful people there always make it a good time for all, especially Collen the owner. She does this every year and I always enjoy helping her out. Looking forward to next year already!

Sunday I did a solo show for a Private Party (Ben's Graduation). David was sick so I went there myself and did a few sets solo. It was a BLAST! I had alot of fun and the crowd like iut and was very appreciative of it, too. Congradulations Ben ... Thankk you for having me!

Ok, there you have it. The week was hard, but it was all in all a hell of alot of fun. I wouldn't have changed a minute of it!

~More Next Week~

THE Acoustic Duo

Friday June 17, 2006:

It's been a great week, and we are off tonight (Saturday). I'm glad of this being that my voice is shot after last night @ MIKE'S PLACE.

We started out on Wednesday @ Hammer Heads (ROY'S BY THE TRACKS). It was a great show as always! The food was kickin'and the Miller Sparks (our Sponsor there on Wednesday afternoons) was cold! We did a great show for all the people that came to see us. There was Rawni and Derf, Lori, Flo, Tina and Jade and all the other wonderful folks that come out to see us there every week. We greatly appreciate all the support we are getting there and hope you all continue to come out on Wednesday afternoons. We want to thank each and every one of you .. we love you all!

Thursday at ANN'S in Bethel Park was a flop. there was no one there except Rawni and Derf. We thank you guys for comin' out. It was good to chat with you for a couple hours. We will be back at ANN'S next Thursday (June 22) so we hope that it's a better night. Grab some friends and come out and join us. We start there @ 8pm (it's an early night) and there will be a small cover charge of only $3. Hopefully we will see you there!

Last night (Friday) was a blast! We were at MIKE'S PLACE in Herminie, Pennsylvania. It was Mike's Birthday and we rocked the house. We had Flo and Bruce, and Tina and Jade out again. It's always a good night when your fans come out! We love you guys!! We played everyone's requests all night and had a great time doing it! It's always a fun time when we get to Herminie. We will be back there on July 14th. See all you Herminie folks then. Watch for us ...

So all in all it was a pretty good week, and we have YOU to thank for it. We really do appreciate all the support that we have been getting lately, and we honestly love you all! See you all this week at the shows ... Peace Out!

Wednesday June 14, 2006:
(HAMMER HEADS – 4:30pm to 8:30pm)

We have done three Wednesdays there so far and they all have been great! As of this past week, they are being sponsored by Miller Beer – which includes all brands of Miller Products.

We are playing from 4:30p – 8:30p and having a ball doing it. You have to stop out for the BBQ. They serve chicken, steak, hot dogs, kilbasa, corn on the cob, and slaw (homemade). The food is so good it actually melts in your mouth! And that’s no lie! AND … they are one of the ONLY places in Pittsburgh that you can find “Miller Sparks”. Sparks is a 6.0% alcohol energy drink that goes down like orange soda. We LOVE it!

Anyhow … the food is hot, the drinks are cold, and the music is US so how can you go wrong. Stop out on your way home from work and say “hi” to us and Roy the owner for awhile. You’ll be glad you did … trust me!

Saturday May 6, 2006:

We were at DAKOTA’S in North Hills tonight with our good friend Sean Cimock opening up and playing during the breaks. We had a lot of fun, especially since last night was such a disaster.

The crowd was light, but the energy was there. Mindy and Bobbie kept us and everyone else having a good time! Thanks girls, we love ya!! Hope to see you all again real soon.

Friday May 5, 2006:

This was a strange show at best! We rocked the house and there were many people out to see us, but the club itself was strange.

We were treated pretty badly from the time we walked into the place. I have been in the music business for over 20 years and have NEVER been treated as bad as we were tonight! I don’t know if we will ever go back to RUMOR’S again, at least without an apology. We love all the folks out there in Connellsville, and hope to see you soon … somewhere else. We definitely DID NOT deserve that!!


June 2005:



Sunday June 19, 2005: (Show #2) THE HARD ROCK CAFÉ in Station Square (Pittsburgh’s South Side)


This show kicked ASS!! The “New Acoustic Moves” concert that was put together by Amber Dee went off without a hitch. It couldn’t have been better, in my opinion. Wags and Chambo opened the show and, for their very first live performance, did extremely well. Then we had Sean and Dominick (“After The Rain”). These guys rocked the house so much that it made me nervous to be next. Then when Amber Dee and I hit the stage it was like being the headliner on a national tour! Amber sang the whole set and kicked so much ass that I can’t put it in words. There were about 175 people there, at least, and it was a blast for me to be a part of this show. Thank you to all the folks that bought tickets and came out to this performance. It means a lot to us that you were there, and drove the distances that some of you did. We are very appreciative … THANK YOU!!


Sunday June 19, 2005: (Show #1) SECRETS in West Mifflin


Well, I guess that West Mifflin isn’t my section of town. This show sucked! No one came one at all. I played two short sets and quit. What can I say, I tried. I will be there one more time next week, that’s if they don’t cancel it because of this week …


Saturday June 18, 2005: (Show #2) THE LARGE HOTEL in Large


Well, this was our (me and Amber Dee) first time at the Large Hotel and it was a bit slow. Don’t get me wrong, there were people there, but for them it was considered slow. We played a great show together and had a lot of fun. The people that were there got into us and were digging it. I want to put out a personal apology to the folks for getting a bit ‘tipsy’. Hopefully we can rock ya again in July. See you then …  


            Saturday June 18, 2005: (Show #1) KELLY’S KORNER in Lawrenceville


            It has been six (6) years that Kelly’s Korner has been in Lawrenceville on 45th Street, and it has been the same for me playing at their Anniversary parties. It doesn’t seem as long, but as owner Colleen confirmed for me, it has been. Anyway, the performance started at 4pm and by the end @ 8pm, the crowd wanted me to stay. They kept saying “come on, one more .. one more …” I had to decline due to having to get going to the night show. It was a good time as it is every year. I want to thank Colleen for having me, and I hope that I am able to continue this little tradition that we have going next year. Maybe we can do something over the summer … we’ll see.


Friday June 17, 2005: TAVERN WITH THE LIGHTS in Robinson Twp.


            Tonight was an extremely slow night. Hardly anyone showed up. I don’t know why, but they told me that it’s been that way the past few weeks. I played two sets and went home (well, actually I went to Wal-Mart .. hehehe). Being that there wasn’t anyone there, I had a hard time getting into it, and I’m sure it showed. To those of you that were there, I apologize for that. Look on the Schedule Page to see when I’ll be back in your area in the future.


        Thursday June 16, 2005: RIVERTOWN INN in Verona


            This was a show with Amber Dee, and I must say that we did well together, even though it was a slow night. We played very well together, and did some stuff that you normally don’t get to hear me do. Amber did all of her material and backed me up on all of mine with extreme professionalism. We meet a few new people and made a couple new friends and fans. A lot of the people that were there said that they would be coming to the HARD ROCK CAFÉ show on Sunday night. We hope to see them there … In the meantime come out to the LARGE HOTEL on Saturday night and catch Amber with me again.


        Tuesday June 13, 2005: MAYOR ED’Z in Perryopolis


          I had a great time out at the show tonight. It started out slow, but picked up as soon as I started playing. People came through the door and packed the bar area before I was done with my first song. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. Everyone had fun, and so did I. See you all in two weeks …


        Sunday June 12, 2005: SECRETS in West Mifflin (Pittsburgh’s South Hills Area)


            This show was a solo show, and was a pretty slow night. I must admit that I wasn’t ‘up-to-par’ vocally, my voice was blown out from doing all that singing with David the past couple nights. I was squeaking all over the place, but I still sang my heart out to the people that were there.

            This Sunday gig seems to be happening in spurts. A group of people come in, and then they leave, and then another comes in, and they leave, etc. etc. I really want this club to build up. Roger, Lori, and I need your support here. Come on out to see me here if you’re in the South Hills area. I’m here Every Sunday from 5 ‘til 9. I would like to thank the folks that were there to listen to me. Even though my voce was hurtin’ I had fun playin for ya! Hopefully, I’ll see ya next week (tell your friends .. hahaha)


Saturday June 11, 2005: THE STONE FRONT INN in North Side (Pittsburgh)


            This was another great night in North Side! I was there with David Gamble, and we rocked the house! We played our hearts out, and even did some NEW material: “Family Tradition”, “Tuesday’s Gone”, “Doctor My Eyes”, and a few others. To our surprise, marklane came out again, and of course, we had him sit in with us. He did a couple of HIS tunes, “Follow” with me on backing vocals, and “Crawl”, along with some good Beatles tunes with me and a rockin’ version of “Light My Fire” with David. When it was all said and done, Mark was able to sell a couple CDs and we all had a blast! Oh, and, I sold eight tickets to the HARD ROCK CAFÉ show on the 19th, with Amber Dee, so I’ll see you guys there.

            All you ‘North Siders’ know how to party and have a good time, that’s for sure. I’m already looking forward to being back there at the Stone Front on July 9th. See you all then …


Friday June 10, 2005: CASTLE TAVERN in Castle Shannon (Pittsburgh)


            Another great night at the Castle!

            I was there with David Gamble on vocals, and we rocked the house! Every time I come through Castle Shannon I have a blast! Mike servin’ me my Zima and shots all night helps .. hahaha. Thanks Mike. And, we had a very special guest join us on some tunes, marklane! As you probably know, marklane is an acoustic artist around town with a couple of great CDs to his credit. Mark is a good friend of ours and just happened to be off, so he came out to hang with us, and we are so glad that he did. I played some Beatles tunes with him, and we rocked out with a version of “Roadhouse Blues”. As always, the Castle Tavern was a lot of fun and I’m REALLY looking forward to my return there. Keep your eyes peeled for the next date …


          Sunday June 5, 2005: SECRETS in West Mifflin (Pittsburgh’s South Hills Area)


            Sundays at Secrets are, from what I’ve seen there this week, going to be a lot of fun for me and you both! I think that I have found a ‘home’ there for Sunday afternoons. We started at 4 this week, but I’m moving it to 5pm to 9pm from now on. The show went great. All of the people there treated me fantastically. I can’t wait to get back to see you again next Sunday. Peace Out


          Saturday June 4, 2005: CHAMP’S in Uniontown


            It’s been a few weeks since I have been out that way to see you since we stopped doing the Tuesday nights there, but it was good to be back. I brought out David Gamble to see you all too, it’s been even longer for him. We had a great show and wonderful time with all of you out there in Uniontown. The requests were a flyin’ and we were diggin’ that you all were enjoyin’ us. I hope to see you all in the future, but until then, come out to see me every other Tuesday at MAYOR ED’Z in Perryopolis.


          Thursday June 2, 2005: LAUTERBACH’S CAFÉ in Mt. Oliver (Pittsburgh)


            Well, all you guys in Mt. Oliver have proven yet again that you know how to party. We started out sort of slow, but we all were groovin’ by midnight when I was finished. Man, let me tell ya, I always have a good time when I’m there in your town. You make me feel right at home. With Sporty servin’ the drinks and all of you requestin’ the tunes, my night flies! I look forward to getting back to see you soon, probably next month sometime, I have to talk to Nancy yet … see ya then!



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